5 Interesting Facts About Vaping

Herbart A. Gilbert was the first person to invent a vape back in 1963. This vaporizer is much different than models manufactured today. In the more than 50 years since this creation, vaping has become a pastime for many people and a stop-smoking technique for others. Interested to learn more interesting facts about vaping? Check out the five fun facts below.

1- A Growing Industry
Vaping hasn’t always been the hobby or stop-smoking aid that it is nowadays. It’s popularity continually expands. In 2006, about 7 million people across the country vaped. Fast forward 10 years and more than 35 million people vape. Bars bring vapers together, usually a younger crowd, for music and vaping fun. Many users have stopped smoking with the help of vaping and e-cigarettes. The information on the DashVapes website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

2- More Than Just E-Juice

Most consumers use vaping devices for e-juice. However, now that CBD is legal across the country and THC in many states, people have also begun using the devices for CBD, cannabis and cannabis-related products. Vaporizers exist for both dry herb and concentrate. Which use for a vape do you have?

3- A Safe Alternative to Cigarettes
Although vaping has its flaws and is not 100% safe, research studies prove that it is a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. This is factual information that has helped many people stop smoking, in turn improving their health and overall well-being. E-juice contains nicotine, which may be addictive. However, cigarette smokers who transition to vaping state that it eases cravings and otherwise helps them stop smoking.

4- FDA Regulated
Many people wrongly assume that the vaping industry is free-reign without anyone overseeing products. That is entirely false, as the FDA strictly regulates e-juice and vaping devices. Many unregulated products have made their way onto the market, however. It’s important that any vaping products you buy are made by reputable manufacturers, sold from reputable dispensaries and suppliers. Avoid gas station vaping products and other questionable sources.

5- What an Award

During the annual award shows, celebrities are gifted with goodie bags from various sponsors and companies. The bags contain lavish items of various sorts. During the 2016 Academy Awards, celebrities received a vaporizer as a gift inside of their goodie bags. This year was the height of vaping and everyone, celebrities included, were on-board with the activity, just as many still are today. It was the highlight of the goodie bag for many celebs during this awards ceremony.

Vaping continues to increase in popularity among all age groups. It is especially popular with the 20 something crowd, although people in every age bracket happily use their vaporizers for their own unique reasons. Vaping is interesting, whether discussing its rich history or the new products coming out for vapors to utilize for their hobby. We hope the five facts about provided more insight into the industry and that you will take the time to learn even more interesting information about vaping.