How Vaping is replacing Smoking Cigarettes as a Healthier Recreational Option

With the known adverse effects of smoking tobacco, many Canadians are opting for vaping. To ‘vape’ refers to the act of smoking an e-cigarette. Researchers show that vaping is much safer than smoking actual cigarettes. This new section of the industry has been experiencing exponential growth over the past few years.

Origin of Vaping

Vaping was invented by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. He got the inspiration after his father died of lung cancer caused by excessive smoking. Lik first called it ‘Ruyan’ which means “likesmoke”. Later, he registered a patent for the vaporizer in 2003 and had the product on Chinese market by 2004.

Soon, vaping spread to the United States and the European markets between 2005 and 2007. At first, many tobacco companies stayed away from vaping. They only joined the bandwagon when they realized that vaping had a good potential for profitability and started making their own vape Toronto.

Components of the E-cigarette

A vaporizer consists of an e- liquid which is saturated with an e-liquid such as flavored nicotine. It has a chargeable battery which powers it hence the name e-cigarettes. The e- liquid is contained in a small sealed cartridge which has a small tube. When using the e-cigarette, an atomizer heats the e-liquid to produce the vapor that you inhale.

In most cases, the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid will differ with the e-cigarette. Nicotine is measured in milligram units such where 6 mg is the ultralight, 12 mg is a medium, 18mg is a regular, and 24mg is considered to be strong. Most people start at a low nicotine concentration and advance until they reach the ‘throat hit.’

Legalization of Vaping

Vaping is still a contentious recreational activity in many countries around the world. For instance, vaping is quite common in some parts of Canada. However, it is not legal to sell e-cigarettes in the country. In many cases, the vendors sell the products without the proper licenses as the restriction is not enforced strictly.

Sales and Popularity

At the moment, vaping is still an unpopular practice in many places around the world. It is expected that the sales from vaping will outdo those from cigarette smoking in future. More and more stores are expected to sell e-cigarettes in the Canada once vaping is regulated by the government.

The Future of Vaping

If you are a tobacco smoker who is trying to quit the habit, you should try vaping since it has been proven to aid in the transition. The practice does not produce any bad odor, teeth discoloration, or much public nuisance. Most people who practice vaping are ex-tobacco smokers who are trying to quit while others use vaping for recreation.