Top 6 Advantages of Vaping

Most people often ask what a vape is. It is an electronic cigarette used by addicts who want to quit smoking. A survey carried by Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs in 2015 shows that the number of Canadian youth who ever tried an e-cigarette aged between 15-19 years, increased from 20% to 26%. Vaping is all about trying to overcome the smoking addiction as it is tobacco-free. The e-cigarettes produce vapor, which does not produce tobacco-related toxicants compared to the ordinary cigarette.

Favorable Effects of Vaping

1. Reduced Exposure

Vapes are safer than the standard cigarettes because their level of exposure is minimal. Cigarettes contain tobacco, which emits toxins that can be quite harmful. The e-cigarettes, on the other hand, are a way of harm reduction for the smokers because of their tobacco-free nature.

2. Containment of Withdrawal Symptoms

There have been studies to ascertain whether at all vaping helps in the anti-smoking process or not. The fact is that, it does help a great deal most especially to avoid any withdrawal symptoms that come with smoking. Vaping helps reduce the cravings associated with smoking. Some people have reported having quit smoking after discovering vaping.

3. Reduced Health Risks

Smoking comes with a lot of heart and lung related diseases due to tobacco consumption. However, for a vape, there are significantly lower health risks. For people who are on the journey towards anti-smoking, vaping is a great way to start the journey without any significant health risks to worry about.

4. Less Addiction

For an addicted smoker to quit smoking, they must first be willing. Vaping is a wonderful way of ensuring that smokers deal with their addiction towards cigarettes. Once most switch to vaping, they can contain themselves and no longer have the need to smoke.

5. Diverse Types of Flavors

Vaping has seen a rise in different flavors tailored to satisfy an individual’s preference. With a broad range of flavors, people are able to select what they want without any restrictions. A benefit of vaping is that, some of the vapers find the standard cigarettes having a very foul taste hence, a less likelihood of going back to smoking. It is an effective way of having fewer defaulters.

6. Heightened smell

One of the many side effects that come with smoking is that there is a reduced sense of smell, which most times they may not even notice at all. The good news is that, vaping helps in increasing the sense of smell. Once one starts vaping, that’s when they realize the presence of some smells in their surroundings.

All in all, vaping is considered beneficial to people who are on their way towards recovery. It is a way to ensure that the youth find an alternative to smoking for increased health benefits. The transition is a great way of reducing the number of smokers.